Bill Glasson undecided on contesting Rudd’s seat

In a characteristically tearful speech to Parliament last night Mr Rudd announced that the time was right for him to step away from federal politics in order to spend more time with family.

Despite a 5.45% swing in his favour, Dr Glasson was unable to unseat Mr Rudd at the September’s national election, losing the ballot by just 5201 votes — equal to a losing margin of roughly 6% — on a two candidate preferred basis.

Medical Observer was seeking comment from Dr Glasson at the time of press, however AAP this morning reported a Liberal party spokesman as saying Dr Glasson was continuing to weigh up his options.

According to an article posted today on news website ‘The Conversation’, Dr Glasson had told correspondent Michelle Grattan during the election campaign that should he lose the race he would need to “ask my wife” for permission to re-contest the seat in the event of a by-election.