Bipolar magistrate survives sacking motion

A SYDNEY magistrate with a bipolar disorder has survived a motion for his sacking in the NSW Upper House, despite many MPs criticising him for a lack of contrition over four cases of misconduct.

After a debate lasting three hours, the Legislative Council on Thursday rejected a motion to remove magistrate Brian Vincent Maloney, by a margin of 22 to 15.

MPs had been given a conscience vote on the issue.

Mr Maloney's career hung on four complaints between 2002 and 2010, including one where he asked a pregnant psychiatric registrar to stand up and "show us that you're pregnant".

Another related to a screensaver of a naked woman, which he showed to female colleagues at a 2002 legal seminar.

The Judicial Commission had called for Mr Maloney's removal, saying that while his inappropriate behaviour had been caused by bipolar II disorder, and he had since been treated, he remained "incapacitated" for the job.