Blackmores deal will destroy trust in pharmacists, doctors say

A NEW range of Pharmacy Guild-endorsed supplements from Blackmores will be “the gold cross pharmacists will have to bear”, according to doctors’ groups, who say the deal will destroy the trust of GPs and patients.

A partnership between Blackmores and the guild, announced last week, will see the GuildCare software used by pharmacists to provide a prompt to recommend one of four ‘Blackmores Companions’ products when certain
prescriptions are filled.

Blackmores CEO Christine Holgate told Pharmacy News last week the deal would give pharmacists an opportunity to provide the “Coke and fries” with prescription medications.

AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton said the arrangement would destroy the trust between GPs and pharmacists and between pharmacists and patients.

“This is appalling,” he said.

“This is not like buying a pair of thongs at the front of