Blackmores kills ‘Coke and fries’ deal after public outcry

AN AGREEMENT to include prompts for Blackmores products in GuildCare dispensary software has been axed and Blackmores will remove the ‘gold cross’ endorsement from its Companions range of complementary medicines following a “strong level of public concern”.

Blackmores CEO Christine Holgate, who has said her widely reported description of the Companions range as an opportunity to provide the “Coke and fries” with prescription medications was taken out of context, said the range had been designed to provide nutritional support for people taking certain prescribed medicines.

“It was our intention that the product names and pharmacy endorsement would provide clarity around their potential suitability to be recommended with certain prescribed medications,” Ms Holgate said.

Ms Holgate said consumer feedback showed there was “considerable confusion” about the range which detracted from the