Blue light therapy to relieve muscular pain now on the horizon

Researchers at the Heidelberg  University in conjunction with Royal Philips Electronics have developed a blue light therapeutic patch that can be used by patients in their own homes, the Innovation Experience 2011 conference in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, was told.

The BlueTouch patch uses blue LED light woven into a flexible material to induce production of nitric oxide in the skin.

“Nitric oxide, which is released through the irradiation with light, improves the blood flow significantly [including] in areas which have not been irradiated with light,” co-researcher Professor Christoph Suschek, from the University of Düsseldorf, said. 

In a trial of 170 patients at the Heidelberg University pain centre, two 20-minute treatments daily reduced pain symptoms, he said.

A researcher independent of the studies, Professor  Hubert J. Bardenheuer, head of the Center for Pain Therapy and Palliative Care, Heidelberg,