Botched surgery rife among cosmetic tourists

The survey found cases of corrective surgery had risen by 38% during the past year.

Almost half the survey respondents said patients' lives would have been at risk if they had not intervened.

The majority of ASPS members surveyed said they were seeing more incidents of bad tourism surgery, with breast resizing representing 68% of all revision procedures, followed by facial surgery (15%) and tummy tucks (8%).

Some 62% of surgeons said they had seen cases of permanent disfigurement, which they could not correct.

A similar number said patients had been psychologically affected, while 72% of surgeons said they had seen tourism surgery cases they were unable to completely correct.

A recent report by IBISWorld business analysts predicted Australia’s spend on beauty, hairdressing and fitness, including plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures and lap-band surgery, will jump 18.8% this financial year from the $5.88 billion