Boys want to muscle up - at age six

Body dissatisfaction starts at a young age, a Australian study shows

Body dissatisfaction starts as young as six in boys, with one-third wanting to be more muscular, an Australian study has found. 

The 101 six-year-olds in the study were asked to look at five figures of young boys whose bodies ranged from average to very muscular. The boys then had to pick which one they looked like and which figure they’d prefer to look like.

Some 32.6% chose a more muscular figure as their preferred body, significantly more than the number who wanted fewer muscles, according to the researchers from Victoria University’s Institute of Health and Sport.

Wanting more muscles was also associated with wanting to be thinner. However, the number of boys wanting to be more muscular outweighed those wanting to be thin (20%).

According to the researchers, boys who were dissatisfied with their muscles were more likely to believe being more muscular would help them have more fun and make