Bringing creativity to life has many benefits

THERE are no imperatives here. No-one should have to create a video installation, or train in interpretative dance against their will – not even GPs, who are usually good-humouredly up for anything. Creativity is not a given. 

There are some of us who, in their precious downtime, would much rather run a marathon than sit at a desk and write. 

While exercise and sporty pursuits aren’t generally considered creative, they are a fine way to spend one’s time. Those of you who run, bike and swim know for yourself the myriad benefits exercise delivers. Plus you are practising what you preach in your day job.

Now, a word to those of you who long to express yourselves creatively: do it. And to those of you who are already writing, painting and composing: keep going. Easier said than done, I know. Fear of failure, lack of skills, and time, time, time… There are always barriers.

The only answer I can give is this: