Budget bypasses e-health incentive

THE future of the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) system is again in doubt after the Government failed to make any Budget allocations for GP participation incentives.

NEHTA clinical lead Dr Chris Pearce said the $467 million that had been allocated to the project until July next year would not cover the incentives needed to encourage GPs to be involved in creating and updating PCEHR records. The system is set to go live next year.

RACGP e-health standing committee member Dr Nathan Pinskier warned prior to the Budget that GPs could be forced to pass their costs on to the patient if they were not adequately compensated (MO, 19 April).

E-health consultant Dr David More estimated that the cost of properly incentivising the PCEHR program was up to $600 million a year.

“An average GP would see about 25 patients a day, and if you estimate one or two minutes per patient to review and upload and curate the e-health