Building ML bridges to govt, AGPN’s new role

The move will likely mean the wind-up of AGPN at the end of June, and the exit of the man who led it through the controversial push to create 62 MLs out of more than 100 general practice divisions, Dr Emil Djakic.

The formation of the Australian Medicare Local Network (AMLN) also realises the AMA’s concern that the ML model would bring an unneeded layer of bureaucracy to GPs already mired in red tape. 

The AMA is still questioning “whether we need a body at all”, president Dr Steve Hambleton told MO.

However, Dr Djakic said confirming AGPN would create the new body enabled it to press ahead with leading MLs through establishing after hours services and other programs they will administer.

“We’re very excited, and obviously clearing up the structure allows us to get on with the real work, which is dealing with the functional deliverables to the community,” Dr Djakic said.

Meanwhile, the