Burger chains lose the Heart Foundation Tick

THE Heart Foundation has announced it will cease its ‘Tick’ licensing program for takeaway food outlets such as McDonald’s restaurants in favour of quarterly audits. 

The foundation instead plans to focus on foods Australians eat most often.

The introduction of the Tick logo’s display on some McDonald’s meals in 2007 attracted strong criticism from the AMA, with then president Dr Mukesh Haikerwal suggesting it compromised the credibility of the program.

“I fear that the Tick may create a ‘halo’ effect around a small number of meals on an extensive McDonald’s menu that contains many items that are clearly unhealthy,” Dr Haikerwal said at the time.

However, while making the announcement last week, CEO Dr Lyn Roberts said the foundation’s work with the takeaway food sector over the past five years had resulted in “massive improvements across the food supply chain,