Bush study a virtual success

SITTING the RACGP fellowship exam in March 2010 was no mean feat for Gunnedah-based registrar Dr Myra Tan. 

Juggling a full-time job at the Elgin Street Medical Centre, plus regular on-call shifts at the local hospital, combined with caring for her four-year-old daughter while her husband made a weekly commute to the Gold Coast, Dr Tan has found it hard to make time for study.

Dr Tan also missed out on having colleagues to prepare with, though she made a round trip to Tamworth three times in the lead-up to her exam to study with a fellow registrar. 

“It was hard to organise because she had a family too,” says Dr Tan. 

“It was too difficult for us to travel to Sydney for the RACGP preparation sessions, so we did the best we could.”

Dr Tan also participated in two tele-conferences, hosted by regional training provider (RTP) GP Synergy, that concentrated on the exam format.