Buyers’ club imports and sells groundbreaking drug

A new buyers’ club is importing a groundbreaking breast cancer drug that is unapproved in Australia despite fast-track approval in the US and Europe.

Netherlands-based The Social Medwork is offering Ibrance (palbociclib) at 125mg and 75mg doses for over A$10,000 per packet, excluding shipping costs.

The company’s co-founder, Sjaak Vink, says the company is using the TGA’s personal importation scheme to allow the drug to be legally imported.

“This is really about putting power back into the hands of patients. These people have exhausted every possible treatment option in their home country, and for them, timing is everything,” he says.

The drug is approved in the US and Europe for advanced metastatic breast cancer. But the TGA has not approved the drug and access is limited to a small clinical trial run by Pfizer.