Caffeinated alcohol behind teen's death

Experts warn against the growing trend of mixing alcohol and energy drinks

A cocktail of alcohol and energy drinks mixed according to an online recipe appears to be behind the death of a teenage girl in Sydney this week.

Fifteen-year-old Paris Kamper was found unconscious in her home on Friday night and rushed to Westmead Children's Hospital, where her blood alcohol content was recorded at a lethal .40, according to media reports.

She died three days later.

Commenting on the case, Dr David Caldicott, an emergency consultant and senior clinical lecturer in medicine at the Australian National University, says the combination of alcohol and caffeine, particularly in uninitiated drinkers, is particularly dangerous.

He points to several studies that have demonstrated how caffeine can mask the effects of alcohol-induced fatigue, allowing consumers to “drink more alcohol, for longer, with ever-increasing rates of disinhibition and