Can coffee help to clear rosacea?

Four cups a day may help stave off the skin condition, study shows

Good news for patients who have been avoiding coffee to prevent rosacea — data from a study of more than 82,000 women show that drinking four or more cups may actually help stave off the skin disorder.

After adjusting for other risk factors, US researchers have found that the more caffeinated coffee that rosacea patients drink, the less their risk of a flare-up.

The absolute risk of rosacea “decreased remarkably” from an incidence rate of 495 per 100,000 person-years for women who drank less than one cup a month to 364 for those downing four or more cups a day, the researchers report in JAMA Dermatology.

But there is no good news for lovers of soft drinks, tea and decaffeinated coffee, which are not associated with a reduced risk.

It's even worse for chocolate connoisseurs, with the results suggesting that the delicious treat is actually a risk factor for rosacea.