Cancelled registration after one of lengthiest practitioner prosecutions

Victorian Dr Malcolm Hooper also had costs awarded against him after the vexatious way in which he conducted his case over the three-year prosecution before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal brought against him by the Chiropractic Board of Australia.

In June this year the tribunal found Dr Hooper had engaged in three instances of professional misconduct and five of unprofessional conduct in relation to his use of hyperbaric oxygen treatment and robot-assisted walking therapy. 

These findings related to his failure to carry out a proper assessment of the patient before embarking on the treatments, failure to take adequate clincial notes, or to prepare a treatment plan, modify the treatment plan or monitor any outcome.
Dr Hooper had also failed to inform the patient of the views of mainstream hyperbaric practitioners and peak professional bodies that the treatment was not recommended for cerebral palsy and they did not believe