Cancer cluster at fire-training facility

Among the study group of 606 who were at the Fiskville facility between 1971 and 1999, 16 who trained there have died from cancer and another 53 have battled cancer.

The Monash University study found a higher than expected incidence of melanoma and testicular among those who worked fulltime at the station, while part-timers had a higher rate of brain cancer than other Victorians.

Premier Daniel Andrews has asked a parliamentary inquiry into Fiskville — announced in December and due to start in February — to consider the report as part of its findings.

“This is a very tragic report,” Mr Andrews said at the Fiskville site today. “We always thought Fiskville was a problem and now we know it was one with tragic consequences.”

He said trainees and staff at the site had been regularly exposed to flammable chemicals and foams and that the cancer incidence there meant it could be referred to as a cluster.