Cervical abnormalities fall after HPV vaccine program

HIGH-GRADE cervical abnormalities (HGA) have nearly halved in Victorian girls younger than 18 years since the introduction of the HPV vaccination program, a study shows.

The world’s first analysis of changes in incidence of precancerous cervical lesions in the wake of a population-wide program of HPV vaccination showed the decrease was progressive and linear in this age group, lead author Dr Julia Brotherton said.

Dr Brotherton, from the Victorian Cytology Service Registry, found HGA incidence declined by 0.38% in the youngest vaccinated cohort shortly after the introduction of the vaccination program, compared to an incidence of 0.85% in 2006.

“In the period after vaccination, there was a 14% decline every single quarter,” she said.

Among women aged 18–20 years, the decrease in incidence began about 1.5 years after the vaccination program started and was much smaller.

A Lancet editorial said while