Change in tactics boosts Priceline flu vax

Pharmacy groups are enjoying a surge in flu vaccinations this year.

Priceline pharmacies have already delivered around 70,000 flu shots, 25,000 more than for the entire 2016 flu season.

That number is expected to rise with the peak flu season in July and August.

Pharmacist Regina Cowie, Priceline’s dispensary services manager, attributed the increase to a change in tactics.

“We trained all of our pharmacists to deliver vaccinations and thus had a more convenient model than last year where we used nurses.”

A Sigma spokesperson says the group doesn’t have full numbers yet, but it expects flu shots to be up 25%.

The increase appears to be a combination of more pharmacies offering the servicing and customer uptake.

Vaccinations in the group are administered by both nurses and qualified pharmacists.