Charge insurers for time, GPs urged

GPs swamped in paperwork have been urged to charge at their top hourly rate when responding to requests for patient information, after a Sydney GP described a life insurance information company as “parasites of the worst order”.

Dr Jeffrey Watts was angered by his recent experience with UHG, a company providing “healthcare solutions for insurers, employers and individuals”, after the company requested medical information about a patient for an insurance matter.

Dr Watts said he was astounded to have been asked to provide further details after submitting a report to the company, and it was time for insurers to “employ their own medical workforce to eliminate the impost that they assume they can readily dump on overworked GPs”.

UHG executive manager Rob Bild said he could not comment on individual cases, but UHG encouraged GPs to charge what their time was worth when responding to requests from the company.