Cheer up, and you're likely to live longer

Over 60s who are 'happy' have an extended lifespan, study suggests

Some older patients may benefit from a prescription to focus on positive thoughts, as a recent study shows being happy in the latter years extends lifespan. 

Happy older people lived longer in the study, with the most cheerful oldies 19% less likely to succumb to all-cause mortality than glum seniors.

Researchers say even small increments in happiness may be beneficial for older people, because every increase in happiness scores results in decreases in mortality. 

“Activities, policies and programs that maintain or improve happiness may contribute to a longer life among older people,” say the researchers from Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore. 

The study authors analysed data on almost 4500 Singaporeans, aged over 60, and looked at the association between happiness and the likelihood of dying over the next six years. 

They came up with a happiness score by asking how