Chemists selling ‘quack’ treatments

PHARMACISTS have been slammed by a consumer advocacy group for their role in routinely selling “quack” treatments with unproven efficacy. 

As part of an investigation by Choice, shoppers were sent to 30 Sydney pharmacies. 

They found pharmacists were selling rubber energy bracelets, untested detox treatments, magnetic pain relief bandages and other “dubious” treatments and remedies.

Eight of the 30 pharmacies visited by Choice sold a drink-based detox treatment, which two pharmacists claimed had enough nutrients to last one week; it was found by Choice to be “severely deficient in almost all nutrients”.

The findings have led to fresh charges that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is ignoring the issue of potentially misleading product labelling.

Dr Ken Harvey, from La Trobe University’s School of Public Health, Victoria, said weaknesses in the regulatory system had