Chiro wins back 'Doctor' title

A chiropractor who was fined $4000 for using the title ‘doctor’ has had his ban on using the honorific overturned, after members of the Chiropractic Council of NSW argued they were all "lawfully" using the title themselves.

Roman Rajek was originally hit with the fine by the now defunct Chiropractors and Osteopaths Board of NSW when he was found to have breached 1991 state legilsation.

Complaints had been made about an article published in Woman's Day where the treatment given by Mr Rajek was described as a "medical cure".

The article also refered to him as "Dr Rajek". A complaint was also made about his use of the title "doctor" and the words "medical visits" in promotional materials and signage within his practice.

Mr Rajek said he was not responsible for the description of him as a "doctor" by Woman's Day.

He made the appeal to overturn the ban on him using the Dr title following the