Contraceptive pill blameless in weight gain

A COCHRANE review has found little evidence of weight gain when women use progestin-only contraceptives.

The review of 15 studies found a mean weight gain of less than 2 kg over 12 months.

Some evidence of weight gain or increased body fat was found with use of depot medroxyprogesterone compared to no hormone or to IUD.

“Appropriate counselling about typical weight gain may help reduce discontinuation of contraceptives due to perceptions of weight gain,” the reviewers said.

Dr Deborah Bateson, medical director of Family Planning NSW, said while the review included Norplant (four studies), which is not available in Australia, it was “nonetheless still a very useful document for us, so it’s very reassuring”.

“Certainly in our practice we do know that… fear of weight gain can sometimes put people off using a particular method, and then if people do gain weight just as a matter of course