Coroner calls for regulation of lethal veterinary drug

A potent drug widely used in veterinary clinics that can kill a human in just 30 seconds has been responsible for hundreds of deaths across Australia, a coroner has found.

Brisbane dog groomer Donna Cowley-Persch died in September 2013 from an overdose of the "rapidly fatal" substance that she obtained from her workplace.

An inquest into her death heard the 58-year-old had spoken to her boss about financial and personal stresses in her life but no one suspected she was suicidal.

The drug had been kept in an unlocked cupboard up high in the treatment room, also unlocked during business hours, in accordance with the minimum requirements of health regulations.

But Coroner John Hutton on Tuesday found even though Ms Cowley-Persch's employer appropriately controlled the drug's storage and access, its rising notoriety as a method of suicide meant those controls and nationwide standards