Corporate practices deny claims of poor commitment to training

National General Practice Supervisors Association chair Professor John Emery said registrar numbers were “way down” in corporate general practice.

“There are increasing numbers of GPs working in corporate practices and we’re running out of practices to take all the learners from all levels,” Professor Emery said. 

Healthscope Medical Director Dr James Cookman said his company, with 437 GPs and 10 registrars, had previously encountered barriers in the “cumbersome” accreditation process.

“We believe training the next generation of GPs is important and we want to be part of it,” he said. “We’re willing and able to get involved in this and we would like to see that accreditation process streamlined to make it easier to do so.”

Primary Health Care general manager medical centres Henry Bateman said Primary’s centres across Australia supported student and registrar