Cosmetic milk implicated in toddler's death

A toddler's death from Escherichia coli infection was probably linked to his consumption of unpasteurised milk that was sold as a cosmetic product, a coroner has found.

The three-year-old boy from Melbourne died in 2014 after his family had started buying unpasteurised Mountain View Organic Dairy bath milk.

At the time, the child had recently been diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten, eggs and dairy.

Victorian Coroner Audrey Jamieson said the toddler's father knew the milk was labelled not to be drunk, but that it looked like every other milk container and would have been surprised if anyone used it for cosmetic purposes.

When the boy became ill, his father said he couldn't remember if the toddler had drunk any of the milk that was in their fridge at the time because the boy rarely had dairy.

The toddler was initially taken to Frankston Hospital, before being admitted to