Could restless legs lead to suicide?

Study shows there's a correlation between the syndrome and suicidal ideation

People with restless legs syndrome may be more likely to think about suicide or to actually make plans to take their own lives than people without the troublesome condition, a study suggests.

The reason for the higher risk may be because patients with the syndrome can't get a good night's sleep, which leads to depression and suicidality, says study co-author Dr Brian Koo, an associate professor of neurology at Yale Medical School in the US.

Dr Koo's team can't say for sure that restless legs syndrome causes people to think about suicide, only that there's a correlation, according to the report published in Sleep Medicine.

The take-home message from the study, Dr Koo says, is that "restless legs syndrome is associated with very serious psychiatric consequences, including thoughts of suicide and/or attempts at suicide".

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