Court date set for Sigma-Chemist Warehouse legal battle

Sigma and the Chemist Warehouse Group are scheduled to face off in court from 24 October.

Court documents say the trial is expected to take two days and will be heard by Justice Sifris in the Victorian Supreme Court.

It commenced legal proceedings last month after the CWH group said it wanted to source Sandoz generics from another supplier.

Sigma believes this is in breach of an exclusivity arrangement and is seeking injunctions and relief as well as costs.

The company says it stands to lose five to ten million dollars a year if the CWH group goes with the new supplier.

Administration and Marketing Solutions Pty Ltd, Mario Verrocchi, and Jack and Sam Gance are named as defendants in the claim.

Sigma’s share price fell from $1.19 to just 76 cents after the court action was announced. It has since risen to just under 88 cents.