Court forces baby to have blood transfusion

In August, doctors found a large cancerous tumour in the right side of the 10-month-old's chest and she was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in her bones.

She has been given a 90% survival rate with treatment but is likely to need a blood transfusion, and her parents will not consent because they are Jehovah's Witnesses.

There is a high risk she will develop life-threatening complications if she is unable to have a transfusion.

In a recent decision, the High Court granted the Auckland District Health Board's application to place her in the guardianship of the court for nine months to allow her to receive transfusions.

The baby had already received an urgent transfusion when doctors biopsied her tumour, which is permitted by law in emergency situations.

The baby's parents consented for her to have chemotherapy, then surgery to remove a tumour, but were unable to consent to a blood transfusion because of their religious beliefs.