Creative docs hang up their dance shoes

CDN’s future had been in doubt since Dr Chu, a paediatric registrar, actor and filmmaker, quit unexpectedly last August following the last minute cancellation of an event.

Dr Chu had been CDN’s central force since launching it in October 2007 with the aim of giving all doctors a platform to air their creative follies.

And they had them in force, with GPs, psychiatrists, physicians, surgeons, paediatricians, obstetricians, anaesthetists, residents, registrars, locums, administrators, academics, professors, retired doctors and medical students all participating in CDN’s events.

Writers were the biggest group, but every art form was represented including music, painting, photography, sculpting, acting, filmmaking, singing, theatre, costume design and even textile art.

In a statement, CDN said it had shut down because of the difficulty replacing Dr Chu, who “spent [too] much of his time organising events and keeping in