Dabigatran proves successful in real-world emergencies

The reversal agent for dabigatran can rapidly switch off the anticoagulant effect of the anticoagulant when required in an emergency, a real world-study has shown.

Idarucizumab was able to reverse the anticoagulation effect of dabigatran within four hours in almost all patients presenting with uncontrolled bleeding or who needed urgent surgery, according to an international multicentre study involving 503 patients.

A single 5g dose of idarucizumab was sufficient in 98% of the patients and reversal was maintained for 24 hours in most patients.

More than 95% of the patients included in the study had atrial fibrillation and were taking dabigatran for stroke prevention. Their median age was 78.

  For patients presenting with life-threatening intracranial bleeds, the median time to haemostasis after administration of idarucizumab was 2.5 hours.

Two-thirds had confirmed bleeding