Danger blows over for ‘lucky’ Townsville GP

DR KEVIN Arlett’s surgery was largely spared but the Townsville GP is still counting the cost of lost business in the wake of Cyclone Yasi.

Although his biggest casualty was a fallen tree in the carpark, earlier in the week the chair of the Townsville GP Network was forced to shut down all his practice servers – storing vital patient information – as his community braced for the category five cyclone.

“We didn’t have any records available to anybody over this time,” he told MO.

“I believe most practices did the same thing. We deal with all patients as new patients in an emergency situation. It takes a little bit longer to assess people and take their history – but it doesn’t really affect their care to a great degree.”

But with power cut across Townsville for most of last week, Dr Arlett said on some days he had been unable to open for business.

“The good news is