Dapsone effective for chronic urticaria

Many patients had previously failed first-line treatments, according to the study

Dapsone is an effective second-line treatment for chronic spontaneous urticaria patients in whom antihistamines and other first-line therapies have failed, a US study shows.

Researchers studied medical records of 79 patients treated with dapsone for chronic urticaria from 2005 to 2017, including 45 patients who had chronic idiopathic urticaria and 34 who had chronic autoimmune urticaria.

Dapsone resulted in improvement in 62 patients: 36 with idiopathic and 26 with autoimmune disease. The mean time to improvement was about a month, according to the study in JAMA Dermatology.

A complete response was achieved in 29 of the 62 patients who responded to treatment, including 16 (44%) with idiopathic and 13 (50%) with autoimmune disease. The mean time to complete response was 5.2 months.

Dapsone was tapered in 21 patients after a mean of 2.4 months and discontinued in 18 patients. Ten patients