Deluge of data poses legal risks for e-health

MEDICO-LEGAL experts have warned GPs to be wary of assuming responsibility for creating and maintaining patients’ shared health summaries under the personally controlled e-health record (PCEHR) system, noting the volume of information alone could pose a legal risk.

The Government’s draft blueprint for the PCEHR outlined a system in which a healthcare provider, nominated by the patient, would be responsible for creating the shared summary from records uploaded by other providers.

In its response to the draft released last week, the RACGP made clear that GPs were “the best-placed health professional” to assume that role. However, with multiple health providers set to contribute to the record, the college has warned crucial details about a patient’s health may be lost in a deluge of information.

“The RACGP identifies clinical risk arising from both the quality of data entered and the volume of data,” the RACGP