Dermatology prescribing influenced by free samples: study

The study compared the top 10 drugs for the initial treatment of acne and rosacea as prescribed by privately practising dermatologists in 2010 with those prescribed at an academic medical centre. According to the study, while free samples provided by pharmaceutical companies are widely available in private practice, they are not available at medical centres. 

According to the study, branded and branded generic drugs comprised 79% of the prescriptions written by private dermatologists compared to 17% at the medical centre clinic. In 2010, the top five drugs prescribed with a free sample for an initial acne consultation by a dermatologist in the US were Epiduo, Metrogel, Solodyn, Ziana and Oracea. 

Moreover, the study found that on a national level the percentage of prescriptions written with a free sample by dermatologists has increased. Due to the increased use of branded and branded generic drugs, the national average total retail cost of