Diabetes link to self-diagnosed lactose intolerance

PEOPLE who self-diagnose lactose intolerance have significantly higher rates of diabetes and hypertension than people without this belief, new research shows.

Self-perceived lactose intolerance may result in adverse dietary modifications and a significantly lower calcium intake from dairy foods, according to the research authors from Baylor College of Medicine, Texas.

“Limiting dairy food intake may have adverse health consequences,” they said.

A total of 12.3% of 3452 adults in a US survey, which was supported by the US Department of Agriculture and the dairy industry, perceived themselves to be lactose intolerant, a lower proportion than previously estimated. 

“A larger percentage of respondents with, than without, self-perceived lactose intolerance self-reported having physician-diagnosed diabetes and/or hypertension,” the researchers said.

They found people with lower calcium intake from dairy