Dire prediction: 500 schoolies to be hospitalised

That's the stark prediction from new software developed by the CSIRO to help Queensland health bosses marshal resources during the annual end-of-term boozefest.

About 28,000 schoolies are forecast to descend on the Gold Coast from tomorrow, with thousands of others heading to different Australian locations or overseas to let off steam.

In a bid to accurately gauge the health response, including staffing levels and bed vacancies, Queensland Health is using a new tool developed by Australian scientists to forecast exactly how many schoolies will need treatment.

The Patient Admission Prediction Tool (PAPT) uses historical data and inputs other things, including weather, time of day and population levels, to predict how many people will need help.

"We're using the latest data to build a model and that is used then to forecast how many people will rock up to the emergency room," said David Hansen, CEO of CSIRO's Australian E-Health Research