Disagreement over PSR support for doctors

A WAR of words has broken out between the AMA and medical defence organisations (MDOs) over the support given to doctors hauled before Professional Services Review (PSR) committees, while GPs involved in the process have rallied to defend it before a Senate inquiry.

AMA Council of General Practice chair Dr Brian Morton said MDOs did not do enough to prepare members for the PSR committee process, and described submissions to the inquiry from Avant, MDA National and the Medical Indemnity Protection Society as “self-interested”.

Dr Morton, who is also a member of the advisory committee comprising the AMA, health department, PSR and Medicare, said the onus was on MDOs to prepare their members better.

MDA National medico-legal and advisory services manager Dr Sara Bird said in her experience doctors found the committee process “onerous and stressful” despite “extensive preparation”.

MIPS medico-legal adviser