Discounters grabbing market share from traditional pharmacies

Discounters are beating traditional pharmacies in what has become a two-tier marketplace.

That’s the view of market researcher Daniel Bone of IRI Australia. He says the discounters have had a major “disruptive” impact on community pharmacy.

He told delegates at the Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) annual conference in Sydney on Thursday that the community pharmacy had grown by 4% overall in the year to July, but discounters had grown sales by 19.3%.

He cited a Canstar Blue survey that asked 3000 consumers what they wanted from a pharmacy. Just over 40% said “cheapest prices”, and a third said “good service”.

However, Pharmacy Guild national president George Tambassis said there was no need for independent pharmacies to panic.

“In some areas you will find the discounters don’t do that well,” he said. But he would not be