Ditch the protein powder for a milkshake

The evidence supports flavoured milk for post-workout recovery

Exercise buffs may swear by protein shakes to help muscle recovery from a heavy session, but the evidence shows that a glass of chocolate milk is probably a better bet all round.

Not only is it likely to be more delicious, but in a systematic review, researchers have found chocolate milk allows exercisers to work out for longer than the average sports recovery drink.

A total of six minutes longer, in fact.

Twelve studies were included in meta-analysis, which compared the efficacy of chocolate milk with either a placebo or a sports drink, such protein shakes, on post-exercise recovery markers, such as heart rate, time to exhaustion, serum lactate, and serum creatine kinase.

They found it provides similar or even superior results when compared with placebo or other sports drinks.

The findings are unlikely to come as a surprise, with high-profile dietitians already spruiking the benefits of