Divisions may lose Medicare Local slot

THE AGPN has warned GP divisions that failing to present a tender in the next round of bids for Medicare Locals could see contracts go to an outside entity.

While the Federal Government kept the first round of ML applications exclusive to divisions, it has said it will consider non-division entities in the next two rounds.

With some divisions yet to form unified consortium bids, and others refusing because they oppose MLs, AGPN chair Dr Emil Djakic warned that those taking a “no-compromise position” did so “at their own peril”.

“If another organisation that can create an argument for eligibility for the criteria in that patch chooses to, with or without the participants of those [divisions], then the [Health] Department has clearly said it will fund them,” he told MO

With the first 19 of an expected 57 MLs chosen, the countdown is on for the next round of tendering, which closes at year