Do statins offer benefits beyond heart health?

Rigorous research says there's no need to update GP guidelines on statin-use

There is little evidence that statins improve most non-cardiovascular outcomes, according to an umbrella review of meta-analyses.

The review, led by the University of Edinburgh in the UK and including researchers from Monash University in Melbourne, found a lack of convincing evidence that statins can help prevent cancer, Alzheimer's and other non-cardiovascular disease outcomes.

The authors say current recommendations for statin-use should remain unchanged.

"What we found was that overall, the vast majority of associations and effects that we observed in the statin meta-analyses we reviewed suggested favourable effects for these drugs," said Dr Evropi Theodoratou, from the University of Edinburgh.

"Yet, almost none of these positive effects seemed to have high credibility in our assessments."

Many recent meta-analyses have claimed that statins influence the outcomes of cancer