Doc who molested teen remains in immigration detention

Perth-based doctor Suhail Ahmad Khan Durani was jailed for more than 18 months for sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman while examining her at Royal Perth Hospital's emergency ward in February 2010.

Last May, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal ruled Durani could keep his Australian visa despite his jail term.

But former immigration minister Tony Burke overruled that decision and Durani was detained the day before September's federal election.

Durani, 38, has been held at the Perth Immigration Detention Centre ever since.

His wife and child are both Australian citizens.

Durani relied on four grounds for his appeal including a denial of procedural fairness, the minister's failure to consider if it was in the national interest for a young child to be separated indefinitely from his father, the minister's failure to consider the low risk of re-offending, and that the minister inflexibly applied a rule that any risk of re