Docs shut-up shop ahead of Cyclone Ita

In Cooktown in Far North Queensland, many local shops have closed their doors and the town’s only medical centre has already shut and will reopen Monday. The local cyclone shelter will close its doors once gales reach 100km/h.

The Bureau of Meteorology said destructive winds of more than 125km/h could develop between Cape Melville and Cooktown early on Friday afternoon, with Port Douglas to the south possibly affected.

Port Douglas Medical Centre told MO it would close this afternoon and divert phones to doctors' mobiles for call-outs. 

As of Friday morning, Ita was moving west over the Coral Sea at 11km/h, and was 380km north of Cairns. Very destructive winds of up to 300km/h lie at the core of the cyclone, while gales of 200km/h extend from the centre.

Practice manager at the Cairns 24 Hour Medical Service, Mark Dellow, said it was closely monitoring the situation but operating as normal and would remain open over the