Doctor burnout linked to e-health records

Daily IT frustration more than doubles the risk of burnout, US study finds

One in four doctors who use e-health records suffer from symptoms of burnout, with female doctors at greatest risk, a US study suggests.

The survey of nearly 1800 doctors shows on average 70% are suffering stress due to health IT systems, with this figure rising to 83% of family medicine doctors (GPs).

For 26% of doctors, this stress had led to one or more symptoms of burnout, with female doctors more likely to be affected than their male colleagues, according to the researchers led by Brown University in Rhode Island.

After adjusting for other factors, doctors who agreed electronic records added to their daily frustration had twice the risk of burnout than colleagues who disagreed.

Struggling to find enough time for documentation (38% of e-health record users) leaft doctors three times more likely to report burnout symptoms than doctors who had&nbsp