Doctor determined to make a difference

FORCED to flee his birthplace of Sri Lanka because of a bloody civil war lasting more than 25 years, Dr Seimon first landed in Chicago, USA, after being awarded a scholarship.

After two years of studying pre-medical training at the Illinois Wesleyan University in Chicago, the GP and his partner, now his wife, made the decision to head to the shores of Australia.

Dr Seimon then continued his studies at the University of Adelaide’s medical school, graduating in 1996.

“My heritage is Sri Lankan, but I call Australia home now,” 45-year-old Dr Seimon says.

“I feel I have a lot of usefulness here as a GP and I can make a difference – I tell my students it’s the effort you put in that matters whether you have a great or mundane career.” 

He has been nominated several times as a MO/GPET supervisor of the year but has yet to win. 

Following a two-year internship, over the