Doctor with morphine past caught out again

Dr Gerhard Hofer, 57, has been ordered by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal to have his registration subjected to a number of conditions, to consult a psychiatrist and complete three education courses for unsatisfactory professional conduct in prescribing Schedule 4D drugs and failing to keep proper medical records.

In 2003, Dr Hofer, who has been practising since 1988, voluntarily surrendered his right to prescribe Schedule 8 drugs and was on the Impaired Registrants Program for three years following a period of self-administering morphine.  
In 2010, he applied to have his authority to prescribe Schedule 8 drugs restored, leading to an investigation by the Pharmaceutical Service Branch of the NSW department of health, which uncovered irregularities in his prescriptions of valium, oxazepam and diazepam.
The tribunal found improper records were kept in relation to 26 patients, and 20 of those were inappropriately prescribed