Doctor sorry for saying female medics 'don't work as hard'

Texan Dr Gary Tigges made the gender pay gap gaff in the Dallas Medical Journal

A US doctor has apologised for his comments that the gender pay gap is fair because women doctors “do not work as hard”.

Texan Dr Gary Tigges made his observations in the Dallas Medical Journal’s September women’s issue, where they appeared among a number of other quotes in response to a report on a gender pay gap in medicine.

“Yes there is a pay gap,” he was quoted as saying.

“Female physicians do not work as hard and do not see as many patients as male physicians.

"This is because they choose to, or they simply don’t want to be rushed or they don’t want to work the long hours.

“Most of the time, their priority is something else… family, social, whatever.

“Nothing needs to be ‘done’ about this unless female physicians actually want to work harder and put in the hours. If not, they should be paid less. That is fair.”

Doctors were quick to