Doctor takes his own life before documentary airs

He spoke about his shame and self-hatred after being sexually abused

A retired orthopaedic surgeon who featured on the hit series You Can’t Ask That on Wednesday night took his life just weeks before the show went to air, according to an ABC statement.

Dr Stuart Kidd was one of several survivors of sexual assault interviewed for the premiere of the third ABC series.

In it, he opened up about his childhood trauma, which was marred by systematic sexual abuse.

“I was raped both ends by men 30, 40 years older than myself. And then by an older boy who I thought …  was a friend. And then by older men again as a teenager,” he said.

“I was just being myself, being a boy … paying the consequences for it.”

Dr Kidd spoke of his shame and self-hatred.

“Deep down, despite 30 years of therapy, I still think it’s my fault … I know, deep down, that I still blame myself,” he said.